I would like to thank the following companies for making the greatest equipment in the world. Ibanez and Taylor guitars, Marshall, Eventide, MXR, Boss, Dunlop, DiMarzio, EMG, D'Addario, Korg, Rocktron, Adam Audio, Waves, AKG, Mesa Boogie, Sure and Neumann. Last but far from least are Fender, Stadium and of course Dunlop once again, for making the best picks you can get.

My most sincere gratitude and appreciation goes to any individuals, organizations and institutions who support and promote independent music and the musicians who create it. Thank you for your continued love.

My heartfelt thank you to my family, friends and fans for who and what you are and for what you do. And to my other half and the light in my world, Stephanie and our girls, without your unflinching love and continued support and dare I say patience and the unfathomable ability to put up with me, none of my endeavors would mean as much as they do. I love you.