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Eric is an independent instrumental artist hailing from Vermont and CT and is currently residing in Ohio. His works range from lighthearted quirkiness to 14-minute introspective conceptual labors of love and all points in between. Many different facets are incorporated into his music; heavily layered guitars, atmospheric interludes, and odd time signatures to name but a few. He first picked up the guitar at age 8 and is, for the most part, self-taught.

Some influences include; The Beatles, Phish, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrain, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, Randy Rhoads, Dream Theater, George Winston, Triumph, Syd Barrett, and Salvador Dali. The two high points from his high school years came in the form of his then band being asked to join in on an east coast tour, which was sadly declined. The second was being able to record at the now highly regarded Carriage House Studios in Stamford CT. The same studio that played host to bands such as; Fates Warning, Paul Simon, John Scofield, Pantera, BOC, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Spyro Gyra. In ‘94-’95 he was asked to and wrote the soundtrack to a student production of Vietnam Voices at Housatonic Community College.


A graduate of the NYU Clive Davis Music Program containing a deep submersive dive into the psychological nature of self, music, inspiration, and the creative process as a whole, and a periodic guitar instructor, occupies his time writing, recording, observing, and embracing all things well. His music has been featured on radio stations including; VPR WOXM 90.1FM, 104.7FM, WYBC 94.3FM, and WOSU 89.7FM. Alongside terrestrial radio, he is also in rotation on many web-based stations worldwide including Radio Guitar One on, RDT Radio, WIGWAM Radio, Good Music Radio, and ETunesUK to name but a few. His music has also been featured and spotlighted in multiple podcasts and has been commissioned to write intro/outro segments for gamercasts as well as being interviewed for IMD.

"Road to Coventry" released in late 2020, has been hailed as "emotionally charged instrumental music" and "highly recommended." It is Eric's second release in as many years after a long hiatus and is a very clear indication that the songwriting genius of this independent, often quirky, "fantastic one man band" has not been silenced by the global tragedies of 2020. 


Press & Reviews

Grimshellhound12@Twitch TV, Live Stream Gamer
"Eric created the intro and break music for my live stream. He did an awesome job working with me to get the right mood for the music and to do it all in short bursts of time. He's super skilled at letting the music tell a story, no matter what the story is."

DJ Mad Mim, hostess of "Welcome to the Freak Show" a live internet radio metal music program.
"I use the music from Eric's album 'Anthropomorphic Cheese' as background for my voiceover work. The atmospheric guitar with an edge fits perfectly with the theme of my show. My fans love it. When I'm not being Mad Mim, I am a huge fan of big band and 60's hippie music as well, and I listen to Eric's music outside of the radio show. He is truly a musician that refuses to be boxed in by one genre. 

Shadow, Shadow Entertainment
Mood, Atmosphere, Texture, Darkness, Visionary, Abstract, Journey, Adventure, Awakening, Heart, Soul, Love. A masterful mental movement of melodic proportions. Sir Eric, I do believe that you have written the soundtrack to my emotions.

Rodrica Rudge, guitarist/singer
"You always seem to strike an inner chord with your music, it's like a journey through a long-forgotten labyrinth. Very atmospheric, brilliantly mixed and produced-the subtleties are as significant as the more prominent parts. they all play a superb role in creating a masterpiece."

Kerry Martin, guitarist
Once again, I am totally blown away with your production quality! The depth, expansion, and interaction of wonderful sounds is unmatched! You know I am usually a "dance music" kind of guy with a short attention span, but you always draw me in and captivate me to the end... wonderful sounds, exciting emotional journey that I'm sure everyone interprets differently. Wow!

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